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was founded by a group of professionals having extensive technical knowledge & manageral experience in construction chemicals and building solutions field with a mission to provide accelerated, sustainable expertiese & solutions for its clients through the development and implimentation of innovativestrategies.
Our brand OCTABUILD CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS is a well known and one ofthe most reliable construction chemical brand in Pakistan. Our advanced formulations and consistancy of quality is the key to make our brand most popular in the span of single decade.
We provide quality materials and services that reflect the unique need of our customers. We are professionally managed group and are providing supply and services like industrial, residential, commercial and infrastructural projects.
We take immense pleasure in introducing to you BUILDING ENHANCEMENT SYSTEMS a construction chemical supplier and manufacturer of OCTABUILD CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS

The aim behind to establish BUILDING ENHANCEMENT SYSTEMS is to provide international quality building materials. Our goal is to be atrend setter in modern building solutions, through our modern building materials introduction and advanced formulations which provides the ease of construction, long service life, resulting low maintenance of building and structures and also time saving, helps to reduce labor cost.
We proudly presents our quality brands OCTABUILD as a construction chemical brand and MERJAN as a premium building material brand.
OCTABUILD CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS presents comprehensive solutions through a wide range of construction chemicals to meet the high quality construction demands to enhance the flawless building requirements.
MERJAN is also related with BUILDING ENHANCEMENT SYSTEMS and its construction chemical family but its key role to provide building materials for finishing stages of construction such as our pride product HIFLEX thinset ( tile bond ) for tile installation in well known construction projects, we also have a wide range of modern building materials.
We proudly introduce our JAW technology ( just add water ) based on idea towards green tecnology method. A step towards time saving and polution free premix materials.